I'm New

We're Glad to Have you

Whether you're new to church altogether or looking for a new church to attend, we hope to have the opportunity to meet you. At FPO we try to take ourselves with a grain of salt—so just be yourself. We want you to be comfortable as you are, so don't worry about dressing up if you don't usually—in fact, most of us don't!

We really love Jesus and do our best to make everything about Him. That's what church is about! If you don't know Jesus and want to know more about Him and what He has done for you, we'd love to have a conversation with you about it.  If you're cool with it, we'd love you to let us know you're coming!

What to Expect

It's hard to put an experience into words, so we'd just love it if you came and found out for yourself what we're like. But we know that it's helpful to know a little bit ahead, so here's a list of things you can expect:

  • Casual Attire

    Most of us wear jeans and a t-shirt, but feel free to dress up too if you want!

  • A blend of formality and spontaneity

    We're a good mix around here, and would love to add you to our blend.

  • Unofficially reserved pews

    We tend to sit in the same spot every. single. Sunday. So if you find a spot you like, you're welcome to sit there weekly too—or be different and change it up.

  • Free coffee and tea

    We don't serve any no-name either. We serve the locally roasted good stuff. 

  • Childcare and Nursery Available

    We're so happy you don't stay home because you have a little one!

  • Relevant Preaching

    We do our best to preach in a way that helps you truly understand God's Word and connect it with real life.

  • Old and New Songs

    Just like our people, we like both old and new! So expect to sing along to hymns and contemporary songs.

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Come Join Us

We love visitors and hope to have the chance to meet you. If you're comfortable, let us know you're coming so we can make sure to look out for you! 

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