About FPO

Who We are

We are a medium-sized church of men and women, young and old—who share the same mission: All of us. All in. All for Jesus. Till all are Disciples.

We want the church to make such an impact in the community that it would notice if we went away. We yearn to seek Jesus, be like Him on earth, and tell others about Him until all are disciples. 

We are evangelical. This means that we hold tightly to the historic, orthodox teachings of the Christian church and the Bible: Apostles' Creed, Westminster Confession, for example.

We are of Reformed theology which means We uphold the doctrines of Reformed Theology, meaning we emphasize the theological doctrines brought about by the Protestant Reformation: Sola Scriptura (Scripture alone), Sola Gratia (grace alone), Sola Fide (faith alone), Solo Christo (Christ alone), and Soli Deo Gloria (to God alone by the glory).

We are presbyterian in the way we govern ourselves by approaching church life and decision-making representationally rather than popularly.

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10 Interesting Things about FPO

  • We are multigenerational

    We have young ones and old ones and we like it like that.

  • We take the Bible seriously

    The Creator of the Universe wrote it and wants us to learn it, why wouldn't we take it seriously?

  • We try to take ourselves with a grain of salt

    We are flawed people, and we need to remember the world isn't about us anyway.

  • We seek to be engaged in justice issues

    We care a lot about human trafficking, addiction and other issues and really try to learn more about how we can be aware and help.

  • We've been a congregation since 1867

    That's old, and it should mean something that we've been around a long time. We stick together and stay together, even when hard stuff arises.

  • We have several of the founding families still worshiping here

    How amazing it is that we still have them with us? Come and meet them!

  • We love kids and babies, we don't mind them making noise (even in worship services)

    Seriously. We're so happy you don't stay home because you have a little one!

  • We're Presbyterian (meaning we're governed by elected Elders)

    There are different ways for churches to appoint elders, and we do it by election. You can always ask us about that!

  • We're part of ECO

    They believe that the Church is a living organism that needs life-giving resources to help it grow, thrive, and multiply. ECO is committed to cultivating a healthy, diverse, resource-rich ecosystem where pastors and congregations can flourish. Learn More about ECO>

How We Worship

We gather at 9:00 am every Sunday morning, come join us!


We Livestream our Sunday service on FB and YouTube. Streaming begins shortly before 9:00 am and is immediately available for viewing on both formats afterward. We hope you join us.  Watch now on Facebook > Watch now on Youtube >

What We Believe

We are a part of ECO and our beliefs are outlined in a document that you access below:

Have a Question?

We're happy to answer any questions you may have!

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